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5 Different Types of Wood

Adding up new ideas for home improvement or just by business purposes require thorough researching. Quality matters in all aspects and we can only learn to appreciate it if we have enough knowledge about certain matters. In addition to this, we need not only focus on large features with regards to home and office improvements […]

Home Decor Trends for Summer 2012

Summer has always been considered the brightest season of all seasons. This is when people from all ages could actually have fun under the bright streams of the sun. However, there’s more to summer people could enjoy. The summer outfits, summer food and drinks, summer fun ideas and so many more. Summer has a lot […]

Scale vs. Proportion & Symmetrical vs. Asymmetrical

Scale: Scale refers to how two or more objects relate to on another in a room based on the actual, relative, and visual weight or size. There is physically small and large scale and there is visually heavy and light scale.           Proportion: Proportion refers to how one part of an […]

Staging Tips- Getting the Sellers on Board

From Everyday to Showcase – How to¬†Motivate your Clients to make changes It’s no surprise that many people are feeling a bit overwhelmed by today’s Real Estate market. It’s up; it’s down, with foreclosures all around.¬† This is a confusing time for home sellers because a couple years ago, a good percentage of homes were […]