What Is The Most Popular Furniture In Homes Today?

Furniture makes a home complete.  Furniture styles have evolved over the years as the demands of the buyers changed. Aside from that, home stagers are becoming more experimental with their style options, and this is seen by the types of furniture in their homes.  Below are some of the popular styles of furniture present in homes.
Traditional Style
This type of furniture has been around for ages. It is usually a combination of different designs from different parts of the world. Apart from that, they are made from toned woods such as cherry wood and mahogany. Most of them come with designs such as carvings, veneer and marquetry. In terms of fabric, the most common ones included damask, tapestry and jacquard. Some of the most popular traditional style of furniture includes Federalist, Queen Anne, Chippendale and Regency.
Country Furniture
Country furniture, also known as cottage furniture, this is a combination of different designs that comes with a rural touch and very inviting. Their main features include minimal adornment and simple lines. Some of them contain washed or pickled oak or pine, while others are incorporated with elements from iron and wicker. Most of the furniture comes in one color or they can combine two tones. The fabrics used in this type of furniture include cotton and linen with checks, stripes, and floral patterns. The outlook is usually comfortable yet casual.  Some designs that homeowners can consider include American Colonial, Italian, French and English.
Modern Furniture
The invention of the early 20th century paved way to modern furniture, which feature streamlined silhouettes.  This style of furniture is very popular because of their new sleek looks.  The designers have used new materials including tinted glass, steel, and plastics in combination with wood, both pale and dark. The fabrics used include leather and monochromatic upholstery.
Contemporary Furniture
Many people mistake contemporary furniture for modern furniture. However, they come with a variety of differences.  Contemporary styles are made to be convenient with the inclusion of variety of features such as drink holders in chairs or sofas.  The most common types of wood in this style are birch and maple, both dark and light. The contemporary styles feature upholstery with natural tones and texture such as silk, wool, leather, linen and cotton. Accessories such as pillows and rugs are a common aspect with this style and they feature vibrant colors and geometric patterns.
Eclectic Furniture style
For homeowners that are not interested in the typical styles of furniture, eclectic is the way to go.  This style allows them to combine the different styles to contrast or complement each other and other décor in the room. The secret is choosing the best combination to create a well-designed area.
Transitional Furniture
This style provides homeowners the chance to combine traditional designs with contemporary furnishings. This leads to a comfortable yet attractive style. This style comes with dark or warm wood but with minimal carving and ornamentation. The upholstery comes with solid colors and simple patterns, making them easy to coordinate.
While you can choose a single style, home stagers have the chance to customize the look of their designs with the guidance of the color schemes and existing décor.

Home Decor Trends for Summer 2012

Summer has always been considered the brightest season of all seasons. This is when people from all ages could actually have fun under the bright streams of the sun. However, there’s more to summer people could enjoy. The summer outfits, summer food and drinks, summer fun ideas and so many more. Summer has a lot to offer, and this includes a whole new task for homeowners who want to have a sunny summer look infused into their abodes. So, the question is, what are the new colors and home design trends for the 2012 Summer?

For summer, people would look for some light and cool ideas for their home makeover endeavors. They prefer something fresh that would serve as a comfort from the summer’s heat.
This Summer’s Colors

Summer has always been represented with bright and bold colors. This is not only true with summer outfits but the house and building wall paints as well. These vibrant colors are very cool and entertaining to anybody’s eyes. Bright Yellow is a popular color of the season and if you want extremely bright and lively to your eyes, bright yellow is the best for you. Color can be used in both exterior and interior of the house. Such color can be so inviting when used on the exterior and, it can make your house look bigger and larger when used for the interiors.
Another summer color that never fails to brighten the color of your walls. This is more subtle compared to that of bright yellow, and it suggests conservativeness in some extent.

Vibrant red
This color is best suggested if you are looking for a more radical and adventurous color scheme for your home. Red usually suggest love although if you want to infuse the said idea to your home, you can utilize it but in a lighter shade. Aside from the wall paint, you can also use brightly-colored wall papers with the suggested shade and be sure to select a design that is not heavy to the eyes.

Another trend of the season are Summer Draperies
For summer drapes, you can utilize those that suggest clean and fresh elements into your homes. Use something that will contrast with the color of your wall so that it will stand out. You can have aquamarine, light green, light blue and even very light violet. These colors may be a little darker compared to the suggested wall colors, but still it conveys the summer idea. Furthermore, use a very light material for your drapes so that it will flow freely as the summer breeze rushes into your home and let in the light.

Summer trend for furniture Layouts
Summer also suggests a different set of home layout and designs. To achieve that summer look, you can use furniture and fixtures that are made out of light and native materials like bamboo and light wood. The idea suggests that the outdoor look right inside the comforts of your home. Additionally, make sure that your furniture is not over scale for your space so it won’t consume a lot of space. Make your home as spacious as possible for summer activities that may occur in your homes.

These are some of the simple summer home designs idea that you want to consider for 2012. But then again, you have to choose a home color, home furniture and fixtures that would meet your needs and liking. Have fun and be creative!