Feng Shui Tips to Enhance Your Home Value

The feng shui of a home is determined by factors both inside and outside your house. With feng shui methods, one can give their home the look they desire. The value of a home can be seen through the first look of its surrounding. This gives your visitors the impression of how your home is. The feng shui methods will help bring life to your home and enhance your house and its surrounding. Below are ten tips of how you can use feng shui to improve the value of your home:

(1). Use of warm colors.
In feng shui methods and style, red, yellow and orange represent fire, warmth and masculine. The use of these colors accordingly on pillows, flow rugs and throws can help you give your house life and energy. Use of natural fabrics with vegetable dyes will help improve the feng shui energy of your home.

(2). Lighting systems.
Installation of full light bulbs in your lamps and lighting fixtures also improves the feng shui energy of your home. The full bulb lights are close to sunlight so they give your home the natural look and mood. Make sure to always open your windows to allow light into your house. The energy flow in your house will always be improved by the natural light.

(3). Use of evergreen plants.
Plant evergreen plants in large containers and place them in your hall ways and doorways. Also on the outside of your house, ensure you have planted evergreen plants. They give your home a natural look and fresh air circulation in your homes.

(4). Use of water elements.
Your backyard is very vital, and you can install water elements in it to improve your home value. Use table fountains and small desks and you can add small plants around it to enhance feng shui balance.

(5). Use of indoor plants.
To improve positive feng shui energy, place indoor plants on your windows, hallways and other parts to give your house a fresh look. Avoid placing plants near heating vents and make sure to choose plants that are easy to care for and do well indoors.

(6). Creating inviting entry ways.
Your entry ways give the first impression of your home/house. Make sure your entry ways are alive. The use of green plants should be well applied to give your visitors a good impression of your homes.

(7). Sticking doors and drawers.
Make sure that your doors and drawers open easily with fewer efforts used. Easily opened doors and drawers save your home energy by improving the accessibility to the rooms in your house and drawers.

(8). Clutter clearing.
Get rid of all those items you do not use in your home. It helps make your house spacious enough, giving easy light penetration and flow of air in your homes.

(9). House furniture position.
Ensure your chair is in a position for you to have a clear view of your door way. Preferably, have a view of all the door ways to your room. In your bedroom, your headboard should not be along the same wall with your door.

(10). Stovetop burners.
Use all your stovetop burners since they each represent an avenue of prosperity in your home. Overlay the bagua on your stovetop and pay attention to the feng shui trinity; your bedroom, bathroom and kitchen. These areas are important in matters concerning your health.

The use of feng shui methods will in a great way improve the value of your home. Plan well and apply the above tips to enhance the energy of your house. A home with great energy flow gives a great first impression and feeling to a potential visitor or home buyer.

Spring Cleaning for Homes on the Market

With spring on the rise it is time to trade hot coca for lemonade and kick of rain boots for flip flops. That would mean the same for your home that is currently on the market. During our winter season we focused hard on keeping the insides of our home presentable to potential buyers and now since spring has sprung it is time to do a little spring cleaning for the outside of homes to make sure our curb appeal stand above the rest. Here are a few tips and trick for this spring season.

1. Sparkle and Shine– The sun is shining bright but from where your standing it’s pretty gloomy. Winter storms can leave dirty residue on your glass windows and screens. Tackle the outdoor windows before you move to the inside. Start with giving your screens and bath and then making sure you windows are squeaky clean. There is nothing better than enjoying spring when you are able to see it through your windows.

2. Don’t leave the leavesThere are many things we think about when cleaning outdoors, and cleaning the gutters is not one of them. The leaves may have fallen and blown away but there are always a few left behind in your gutters. Remember this is where the first impression starts and you want it to be spectacular.

3. FencingFences get over looked most of the time. We see them from a distance and we don’t notice that there is rotting on metal fences and paint has been chipped out of wooden fences. Take a closer look and make sure your fences have a fresh coat of paint that will stand out in the spring time sun.

4. Spring CoatIt is like changing your winter cloths to spring cloths. The winter showers may have dulled out your last year’s paint touch up on your house. So this spring why not give it a fresh coat to stand out from the rest. If the house doesn’t seem to be completely painted walk around and look for some imperfections and touch those up. It makes a huge difference to those perspective home buyers.

5. Keep it greenKeeping a nice lawn is most important when your home is on the market. Those weeds will always sneak up on you as well. Keep your grass green by tackling those dead weeds and giving it some fresh water. Add some color by planting some fresh spring flowers to your garden, always a nice touch.

Keep these 5 tips in mind for this spring and your outdoors will look inviting to all home buyers.

How to Save on Home Staging

Getting a house market ready does not have to be expensive, nor does it have to take a lot of work. Once your house is on the market it is no longer a home, it is a now product and you must present it as such. You have to make sure it is clean and organized and looking beautiful. Home buyers are looking for homes that are presented as a desirable product; therefore you want your house to standout above the rest.

Save time and think about hiring a professional to stage your house. It is the best investment when selling your property. Do not spend countless hours your time staging the home yourself. Professional Home Stagers have the years of experience and training to know what it takes to stage a home for it to look beautiful and for it to sell FAST. They have an arsenal of accessories and furnishings that will bring your home to life and give it the look and feel home buyers are looking for.

When staging your house, weather you decide to do it yourself or hire a pro, keep in mind you should save on space. You do not need to stage every room in the house. Keep it to a minimum and only stage the main living areas: Kitchen, Living room, Master Bedroom. Professional Home Stagers stage these rooms in such a way that allow the potential home buyers envision moving in their own belongings. This is key when your house in on the market!

If you are deciding to stage the house yourself you can save a lot of time and effort by saving your own furniture. If your furniture is still in good shape dress it up and move it around to create a focal point in the room. You don’t have to think about buying a rug if you have hardwood floors, s how off what you have, buyers love to see everything, especially wood floors.

Most of all save on time by doing your research. Find out if there is a Professional Home Stager in your area and ask for a quote. Look for ideas on the web for Home Staging Tips if you decide to stage the home yourself. For more Home Staging Tips you can follow our Blog right here at Style My Space.


The Importance of Home Staging When Selling a Property

The task of buying a home may appear to be a logical process based on a set of pre-determined criteria defined by the home buyer.  However, the selected home will also be determined by emotion.  The expression, ‘fallen in love with this house’ or similar, is frequently uttered by buyers when they have found their dream home; logic or specific needs are no longer as relevant.  A house can fulfill all the buyers’ requirements, yet; because it doesn’t feel right and looks uninviting, the buyer will not purchase the property. This is why home staging plays such an important role in the real estate market.

First impressions are critical when it comes to selling a house.  When a new home comes on the market it has often been lived in for many years by the same residents and it is catered to their tastes.  Often the sellers are unable to visualize their property through different gazes and subsequently fail to generate the fresh vitality needed to attract buyers.  Consequently, Real Estate Agents struggle to sell the property and the house may remain on the market for many months or even years.

Home staging is more than simply cleaning, de-cluttering and adding a new splash of paint, or making a few minor repairs.  These are the necessary steps prior to staging.  Staging is about creating moods and adding details that will appeal to potential buyers.  Home staging can make a house look bigger, warmer, cleaner, brighter and highly attractive to home buyers.  Professional home stagers have top-level design skills and the ability to create scenes throughout the house and yard that appeal to all the senses.  Using a range of accessories and furniture, stagers can transform a property and give it a new lease of life.

Regardless of the market situation, a staged home will always have a higher chance of attracting a buyer quickly, compared with a non-staged home.  A staged home will immediately evoke the senses and engage the potential buyer.  Conversely, home buyers that inspect properties without the benefit of staging are forced to overlook poor decor and uninviting surroundings, while also trying to see ‘potential’.  This situation isn’t appealing to the buyer and works against the seller.  Consequently, home sellers and real estate agents alike will significantly benefit from hiring a professional home stager.