Make Your Home Attractive With New Flooring

There are different types of flooring options available today. Vinyl was the commonly known option for its durability and affordability. In general it is considered to be very affordable and easy to install. They assist home owners to minimize on their budget of hiring contractors in that they allow self-performance. Vinyl is considered by experts most suitable for wet floors like the bathroom and kitchen. This is due to its non-absorbent characteristic that also makes it very easy to clean. It is less likely to fade from any exposure to direct sunlight.

Ceramic flooring has an advantage of added durability for a smaller cost. It is still very much in demand today. It gives your home a very beautiful look and it can last for decades if proper care is taken. Ceramic flooring is water proof and can be used on counter tops of floor tiles, indoors and also outdoors. It is mostly considered for outdoor because of the possibility of standing water. It makes it easy to clean dirt or mud from outside. This type of finishing is also commonly used in bathrooms as it gives a durable and attractive look. It comes in different styles and looks and makes it easy to fit in any room of the house. Ceramic flooring is also very easy to install, anyone can lay it if they follow the instructions.
Hardwood flooring has been around for centuries. This is because of their natural beauty and durability. Hardwood flooring adds value to your home and a lifetime of beauty. It is becoming very popular to use hardwood flooring in the kitchen and the rest of your home. It has a very classic look and works well with nearly any kind of décor. They can last for a very long time with minimal care and also offers a flexible installation option. Professional installation is however recommended for this kind of flooring but if you are experience enough you can do it on your own.

Bamboo flooring is very new in the flooring industry. It is actually not wood but grass and that makes it very environmental friendly. It can be harvested without killing trees. It is inexpensive to use and works well with any décor. Bamboo flooring is very stylish, durable and versatile. The unique variation of color comes from the carbonization of bamboo and gives it a dark brown honey like color and also light tan.
Laminate flooring is the best alternatives to hardwoods if you do not want to commit a lot of expenses and time to care for them. They have a four layer construction which makes them very durable. It is a popular choice due to their low on cost and also easy to install. Laminate flooring is practically resistant to scratches, chipping or burns and is best used on high traffic areas.
A home stager should help prepare your home for sale. The goal is to make the home attractive to the highest number potential buyers. Flooring of the house is important in this case and from the help of a home stager you should get tips on how to make the house attractive with minimal cost. A home stager should give you the different options of flooring’s and also the most preferred by many people. This makes the process of selling the house very easy.

Feng Shui Tips to Enhance Your Home Value

The feng shui of a home is determined by factors both inside and outside your house. With feng shui methods, one can give their home the look they desire. The value of a home can be seen through the first look of its surrounding. This gives your visitors the impression of how your home is. The feng shui methods will help bring life to your home and enhance your house and its surrounding. Below are ten tips of how you can use feng shui to improve the value of your home:

(1). Use of warm colors.
In feng shui methods and style, red, yellow and orange represent fire, warmth and masculine. The use of these colors accordingly on pillows, flow rugs and throws can help you give your house life and energy. Use of natural fabrics with vegetable dyes will help improve the feng shui energy of your home.

(2). Lighting systems.
Installation of full light bulbs in your lamps and lighting fixtures also improves the feng shui energy of your home. The full bulb lights are close to sunlight so they give your home the natural look and mood. Make sure to always open your windows to allow light into your house. The energy flow in your house will always be improved by the natural light.

(3). Use of evergreen plants.
Plant evergreen plants in large containers and place them in your hall ways and doorways. Also on the outside of your house, ensure you have planted evergreen plants. They give your home a natural look and fresh air circulation in your homes.

(4). Use of water elements.
Your backyard is very vital, and you can install water elements in it to improve your home value. Use table fountains and small desks and you can add small plants around it to enhance feng shui balance.

(5). Use of indoor plants.
To improve positive feng shui energy, place indoor plants on your windows, hallways and other parts to give your house a fresh look. Avoid placing plants near heating vents and make sure to choose plants that are easy to care for and do well indoors.

(6). Creating inviting entry ways.
Your entry ways give the first impression of your home/house. Make sure your entry ways are alive. The use of green plants should be well applied to give your visitors a good impression of your homes.

(7). Sticking doors and drawers.
Make sure that your doors and drawers open easily with fewer efforts used. Easily opened doors and drawers save your home energy by improving the accessibility to the rooms in your house and drawers.

(8). Clutter clearing.
Get rid of all those items you do not use in your home. It helps make your house spacious enough, giving easy light penetration and flow of air in your homes.

(9). House furniture position.
Ensure your chair is in a position for you to have a clear view of your door way. Preferably, have a view of all the door ways to your room. In your bedroom, your headboard should not be along the same wall with your door.

(10). Stovetop burners.
Use all your stovetop burners since they each represent an avenue of prosperity in your home. Overlay the bagua on your stovetop and pay attention to the feng shui trinity; your bedroom, bathroom and kitchen. These areas are important in matters concerning your health.

The use of feng shui methods will in a great way improve the value of your home. Plan well and apply the above tips to enhance the energy of your house. A home with great energy flow gives a great first impression and feeling to a potential visitor or home buyer.

What Real Estate Agents are Saying About Home Staging

According to the studies conducted by ASP Home staging, a whopping 94% of staged homes sell in 29 days or less on average. Difference in time on market is also of interest as staged homes have 83% less time on market. Based on the real estate agents surveys in the U.S, home staging can fetch up to 15% more than homes not staged. If these statistics are anything to go by, then home staging is the ultimate answer to home sales.

Do Real Estate Agents like home staging? Definitely, any serious agent does. They have realized that it is a necessity to have a professional home stager in their company. The reason is simple; to improve their marketing effectiveness and success. Having a professional home stager means greater client satisfaction, decreased marketing expenditure, increased referrals, more profits and higher commissions.

Not all real estate agents are for the idea of home staging. They argue that the staging is too expensive and is a wastage of time as the house will eventually sell. Some wonder why they should pay for consultations, while they can do the staging themselves. Others think home staging is fluffing and would rather not bother their selling client by suggesting home staging.

However, those in favor of staging know that home staging yields high investment and is short term. Home staging is time saving because the number of days in the market are reduced. Instead of complaining that it’s fluffing, they consider it savvy marketing. The time a real estate agent would waste doing the staging, is spent on what he or she does best, that is looking for homes for their clients and, listing and selling properties.

Why should real estate agents look for a professional home stager for all their listings?

– To sell faster and higher than the competition
– All properties increase their ratings after staging
– To save time
– To win listings
– So the agent can give more attention to listing and selling

Here are some statistics on importance of home staging and their ratings.

A staging survey carried out by the Duke University across North America on home staging principles, gave the following results:

– Removal of personal items such as toothbrushes from bathrooms had a 6.55 out of 7 rating. The justification was that the buyers didn’t need to be reminded they bought a “used” house.

– Turning on of lights during showing had 6.39 out of 7 rating. Apparently this made the house look bigger and showed there was nothing to hide. It also elicited positive reaction

– A house on listing in the market should not be empty. This staging principle had 6.28 importance rating. Houses that were furnished felt warm and helped the buyers have a picture of how to arrange their stuff. In contrast, an empty house is cold and unwelcoming.

– Use of scented candles and air fresheners had 4.54 rating. The pleasant scents mask bad odors and are inviting.

Home staging is definitely worth the investment. In conclusion, it is evident that home staging is no longer an option for any real estate agent looking to have quick and high real estate investments.

5 Different Types of Wood

Adding up new ideas for home improvement or just by business purposes require thorough researching. Quality matters in all aspects and we can only learn to appreciate it if we have enough knowledge about certain matters. In addition to this, we need not only focus on large features with regards to home and office improvements but it is important to keep a closer concept about the most detailed preferences. Here are 5 different types of wood that you may like to view before considering items to purchase for furniture, for flooring and for accessorizing.

1.  Pinewood is under the characteristic of softwood that largely grows in the Northern hemisphere along with other hundreds to a thousand species of wood. You can easily determine an item using pine because of its white color that is closely yellowish pale. Another is that this type of wood is light weighted and because of this property, it is ideal for decorative function like crafts and carvings. A major contribution of pinewood is for provincial furniture wherein distinctive style matters.

2.  If you prefer tropical hardwoods then you surely have to pick mahogany or known for others as Honduras mahogany. This type of wood can be found in three major country producers namely; South America, Africa and Central America. Do not get confused with the variations of this specie because all of which is of high quality. Many wood experts suggested that mahogany from the Caribbean region is considered to be the strongest and best in terms of quality but quite expensive. On the other hand, the mahogany grade coming from Africa has lesser quality with highly figured properties which can be bought affordably. In general Mahogany has uniform pore features that is of reddish to brownish in color and often displays stripe formations. Manufacturers use mahogany for creating extensive crafts like Georgian and Empire types of furniture.

3.  In terms of popularity Oak woods are widely preferred hardwood. This is a proud product of the United States with an average of sixty species growing in the country. Classifying these species is easy through setting the red ones from the white ones. Oaks are ring porous which has indefinite sizes depending on the factors that highly contributed to its growth. Contemporary designs are the top subject for furniture classes made out of Oak. English and American preferences for furniture styles are often followed along with added modern details. Gothic reproduction is as well common pieces made out of this wood type.
4.  Another type of wood is the Teak which is considered indigenous and can be found in Southeast Asian countries. This type is durable, heavy and undoubtedly strong which makes it a reason why it costs greater. Classy furniture is the top of the brands in using teak and one of which is the modern Scandinavian styles. It is as well used for oriental crafts mainly because of its pleasing yellowish to dark brownish color.

5.  Now if you want cabinets made out of quality materials then walnut is a popular choice. This type of wood grows in some parts of America, Asia and Europe with different varieties. The good thing about walnut is that it is durable and strong but do not heavily weigh. It has light to dark chocolate brown shades that is well suited for fine cabinet making.

Home Decor Trends for Summer 2012

Summer has always been considered the brightest season of all seasons. This is when people from all ages could actually have fun under the bright streams of the sun. However, there’s more to summer people could enjoy. The summer outfits, summer food and drinks, summer fun ideas and so many more. Summer has a lot to offer, and this includes a whole new task for homeowners who want to have a sunny summer look infused into their abodes. So, the question is, what are the new colors and home design trends for the 2012 Summer?

For summer, people would look for some light and cool ideas for their home makeover endeavors. They prefer something fresh that would serve as a comfort from the summer’s heat.
This Summer’s Colors

Summer has always been represented with bright and bold colors. This is not only true with summer outfits but the house and building wall paints as well. These vibrant colors are very cool and entertaining to anybody’s eyes. Bright Yellow is a popular color of the season and if you want extremely bright and lively to your eyes, bright yellow is the best for you. Color can be used in both exterior and interior of the house. Such color can be so inviting when used on the exterior and, it can make your house look bigger and larger when used for the interiors.
Another summer color that never fails to brighten the color of your walls. This is more subtle compared to that of bright yellow, and it suggests conservativeness in some extent.

Vibrant red
This color is best suggested if you are looking for a more radical and adventurous color scheme for your home. Red usually suggest love although if you want to infuse the said idea to your home, you can utilize it but in a lighter shade. Aside from the wall paint, you can also use brightly-colored wall papers with the suggested shade and be sure to select a design that is not heavy to the eyes.

Another trend of the season are Summer Draperies
For summer drapes, you can utilize those that suggest clean and fresh elements into your homes. Use something that will contrast with the color of your wall so that it will stand out. You can have aquamarine, light green, light blue and even very light violet. These colors may be a little darker compared to the suggested wall colors, but still it conveys the summer idea. Furthermore, use a very light material for your drapes so that it will flow freely as the summer breeze rushes into your home and let in the light.

Summer trend for furniture Layouts
Summer also suggests a different set of home layout and designs. To achieve that summer look, you can use furniture and fixtures that are made out of light and native materials like bamboo and light wood. The idea suggests that the outdoor look right inside the comforts of your home. Additionally, make sure that your furniture is not over scale for your space so it won’t consume a lot of space. Make your home as spacious as possible for summer activities that may occur in your homes.

These are some of the simple summer home designs idea that you want to consider for 2012. But then again, you have to choose a home color, home furniture and fixtures that would meet your needs and liking. Have fun and be creative!

Opportunity at Open Houses

There are many ways to find the right home for your clients. But most important is for you to see the home at an open house. Many agents and Home Stagers are asking, “Why should I attend open houses?” Going to open houses is the best way to meet Reals Estate Agents and Home Stagers and it is a great opportunity to network with new people.

Why Home Stagers should go to Open Houses?

Home Stagers should always attend open houses when they can. It is a great opportunity to meet the local real estate agents in your area.  Real Estate Agents should also invite Home Stagers to open houses because the home stager can help the agent make sure the home is ready for presentation. Making sure little things like furniture and accessories are where they should be and that clutter is out of the way. Home Stagers can also be there to help the potential buyers envision living in the home, giving them décor tips and furniture layout ideas.

First Impressions Count!

For Agents first impressions of the home is critical, so having a Home Stager there with you to make sure it is perfect will definitely payoff. For Home Stagers first impressions are key as well. Making the agent happy with what you can do at an open house only keeps them thinking about what you can do to a vacant home on the market.


Open houses are great opportunities to network with the Real Estate Agents, Home Stagers, and the potential buyers. Make sure you leave a great first impression and have some marketing materials ready to hand out. You never know when you will need a Real Estate Agent, a Home Stager, OR a Buyer.

Spring Cleaning for Homes on the Market

With spring on the rise it is time to trade hot coca for lemonade and kick of rain boots for flip flops. That would mean the same for your home that is currently on the market. During our winter season we focused hard on keeping the insides of our home presentable to potential buyers and now since spring has sprung it is time to do a little spring cleaning for the outside of homes to make sure our curb appeal stand above the rest. Here are a few tips and trick for this spring season.

1. Sparkle and Shine– The sun is shining bright but from where your standing it’s pretty gloomy. Winter storms can leave dirty residue on your glass windows and screens. Tackle the outdoor windows before you move to the inside. Start with giving your screens and bath and then making sure you windows are squeaky clean. There is nothing better than enjoying spring when you are able to see it through your windows.

2. Don’t leave the leavesThere are many things we think about when cleaning outdoors, and cleaning the gutters is not one of them. The leaves may have fallen and blown away but there are always a few left behind in your gutters. Remember this is where the first impression starts and you want it to be spectacular.

3. FencingFences get over looked most of the time. We see them from a distance and we don’t notice that there is rotting on metal fences and paint has been chipped out of wooden fences. Take a closer look and make sure your fences have a fresh coat of paint that will stand out in the spring time sun.

4. Spring CoatIt is like changing your winter cloths to spring cloths. The winter showers may have dulled out your last year’s paint touch up on your house. So this spring why not give it a fresh coat to stand out from the rest. If the house doesn’t seem to be completely painted walk around and look for some imperfections and touch those up. It makes a huge difference to those perspective home buyers.

5. Keep it greenKeeping a nice lawn is most important when your home is on the market. Those weeds will always sneak up on you as well. Keep your grass green by tackling those dead weeds and giving it some fresh water. Add some color by planting some fresh spring flowers to your garden, always a nice touch.

Keep these 5 tips in mind for this spring and your outdoors will look inviting to all home buyers.

How to Save on Home Staging

Getting a house market ready does not have to be expensive, nor does it have to take a lot of work. Once your house is on the market it is no longer a home, it is a now product and you must present it as such. You have to make sure it is clean and organized and looking beautiful. Home buyers are looking for homes that are presented as a desirable product; therefore you want your house to standout above the rest.

Save time and think about hiring a professional to stage your house. It is the best investment when selling your property. Do not spend countless hours your time staging the home yourself. Professional Home Stagers have the years of experience and training to know what it takes to stage a home for it to look beautiful and for it to sell FAST. They have an arsenal of accessories and furnishings that will bring your home to life and give it the look and feel home buyers are looking for.

When staging your house, weather you decide to do it yourself or hire a pro, keep in mind you should save on space. You do not need to stage every room in the house. Keep it to a minimum and only stage the main living areas: Kitchen, Living room, Master Bedroom. Professional Home Stagers stage these rooms in such a way that allow the potential home buyers envision moving in their own belongings. This is key when your house in on the market!

If you are deciding to stage the house yourself you can save a lot of time and effort by saving your own furniture. If your furniture is still in good shape dress it up and move it around to create a focal point in the room. You don’t have to think about buying a rug if you have hardwood floors, s how off what you have, buyers love to see everything, especially wood floors.

Most of all save on time by doing your research. Find out if there is a Professional Home Stager in your area and ask for a quote. Look for ideas on the web for Home Staging Tips if you decide to stage the home yourself. For more Home Staging Tips you can follow our Blog right here at Style My Space.


What Realtors are Saying About the Housing Consumer for 2012

Building quality relationships is the number one reason why most agents have a better close ratio compared to other agents. It is no longer about the sales, the market, or the inventory. If you want to grow your business in 2012 and be effective with your market strategy, and customer- relationship strategy, you must be clear about who you are trying to connect with.


  • 37% of recent buyers were “first time” buyers – a drop from 50% in 2010
  • They typical buyer was 45 years old – up from 39 a year ago
  • 37% of buyers were under the age of 31; 32% were over 55
  • While all buyers use the internet to search for homes, for 35% of them, it was the first step in the process; 21% started by contacting an agent
  • 21% of buyers were single females; 12% single males
  • 92% said open houses were very- to somewhat-useful sources of real estate information
  • 58% of buyers wanted to see videos when looking at property online


  • The average seller was a Baby Boomer (45-65 years old)
  • 46% bought a larger home, 31% purchased the same size; 23% downsized
  • 25% of sellers sold their home within two weeks of entering the market
  • Job relocation and the need for more space were the primary reasons people sold their home.
  • 61% of sellers were repeat clients or referrals from friends and family
  • 66% of sellers only interviewed 1 real estate agent
  • Sellers found their agent through the internet 3% of the time; direct mail 2%; newspaper 1%.


  • Gen X’ers (35-45) have doubled their use of social media since 2008
  • 1 in 6 minutes spent online is on Facebook
  • $50,000-75,000 is the typical income range of a Facebook user
  • 200 million consumers access social media on their smartphones
  • After Google, consumers search YouTube the most (2 billion streams daily)
  • 1 in 10 U.S. adults owns a tablet computer
  • 44% of Gen Y’ers prefer texting to face-to-face meetings
  • The typical Gen Y’er sends 3,000 text messages a month
  • Gen X and Gen Y used web-based email 20% less last year


Knowing how the seller hand buyer has changes so drastically with the use of technology will help you redefine your target market.  Based on these statistics, you are now able to figure out how much of your advertising dollars you will use for this year. You can spend more of your time on the internet building an online reputation, meaning now, you save advertising dollars as well as save time. Keep in mind, running a business the way the modern day consumer would like you too, can increase sales, profits, and quality relationships.